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1 from the story Diaper Punishment by princess_potty_pants with reads. He carries in an unmarked box and places it onto the coffee table in the adult swim diaper free from the box,"I've already filled the swimming pool out back so.

A chance encounter in a swimming pool leads to a friendship between a university student and a diaper-punished boy. Based upon a true story. Completed.

The Punishment A Baby Story INTRODUCTION It didn't seem like all that bad a . "This is mommy's chair, I need a place to sit with together you or place for when I . She smiled at me like any adult smiles at a two-year-old.

A baby? What was my Mom going to do? I would make the joke of 'putting me into diapers?', but I had an unnerving gut-feeling that Adult. Fucking. Diapers. I was properly panicking. Was she serious? . Melissa snapped the tray into place so that Jennifer was unable to get out. I love this story already:).