Flower of Life (Flame Flower), - by Frida Kahlo - frida kahlo vagina


Frida Kahlo: the agony and the ecstacy frida kahlo vagina

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her many portraits, self-portraits, and works Kahlo stated that the handrail entered on the left side of her abdomen and exited through her vagina, but according to Gómez Arias, "the wound was.

About the amazing painter Frida Kahlo. She was skewered by a metal handrail that entered her hip and exited through her vagina. The doctors did not expect.

In Frida's eyes, blossoms have indication of sexuality and emotions. sperm shoots from the phallic stamen and vagina-like leaves structure the petaled womb.

Frida Kahlo should have died when she was fractures, and most potently, a steel handrail skewered her abdomen, exiting her vagina.