Rubber Prison - HEAVY RUBBER by STUDIO GUM - latex prision


latex prision

Overall-Suit from both sides smooth pure natural mm thick special latex.​ As the suit, the multi-function mask has a lockable slider, an unauthorized removal of the gag or blindfold is excluded.​ The suit is cut loose, so is wearing another layer of latex in the rubber prison.

Latex Prison Hell. likes · 20 talking about this. Latex clad protagonists know best how to torture and humiliate an unsuspecting subject.

Another day in paradise Isolation will break your will. We are experts at overcoming obstacles. #latexmistress #latexspell #latexdomination.

Sounds like a perfect place to spend a year. Reply. Sep 28, · gooeyness's avatar · gooeyness. i find this insulting to the model. Reply.