Why this classic ‘Simpsons’ episode almost didn’t make it to air - simpsons bart is gay


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Bart is befriended by a gay antiques dealer, causing Homer to find ways to intensify his own masculinity.

"Homer's Phobia" is the fifteenth episode in the eighth season of the American animated This makes Homer uneasy, and he begins to think Bart is gay. . When John takes the Simpson family on a driving tour of Springfield's shopping district.

gay. Homer fears that John will have a negative influence on his son Bart and . Central and the introduction of The South Park character: Big Gay Al. I can't wait until Dark Simpsons does their own version of this episode.

After Marge befriends John, a gay store owner, Homer worries that his presence will have a negative effect on Bart's sexuality.​ What is Homer Simpson's Funniest Quote?​ Homer's Phobia should be considered a groundbreaking and influential episode of Simpsons tackling homophobia back.