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Bear used to mean a very hairy and well built man, but NOT overweight. (did he ever go shirtless?)%0D %0D Bob Hoskins%0D %0D Victor Mature (you just know he shaved it all off)%0D %0D Gary Merrill%0D %0D Jeff Chandler%0D %​0D.

Another link of the film to real life is that Gary Merrill was hired to play the man Merrill was an extremely hairy man and Davis loved hairy men.

Here's a shot of Gary Lockwood as an astronaut viewing a message from A hairy chest hall of famer is Tom Selleck, who starred on Magnum.

up close hairy chest rubbing Chest and Beard Combing With Some Flexing After!:) by Shawn Harris. Manly chest hair and big nipples - let it shine! . BUGGING HAIRY GARY WHEN HE'S SLEEPING by Alan Merrill.