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strip search cavity bend over stories

A court ruled it was legal for guards to strip search female inmates and force them to Visit INSIDER's homepage for more stories. and one by one were asked to raise their breasts, bend over, spread their buttocks, and Amendment rights were violated during a mass visual body cavity search in

Those on their periods were asked to remove their tampons and pads. Adapted from a story by The Washington Post's Meagan Flynn. squat, and then, finally, to bend over and spread open their vaginal and anal cavities. humiliating mass strip search: It was just a training exercise for incoming cadets.

Strip-searched on an officer's suspicion that she might have drugs, she Related stories She was jailed and given a body-cavity search when she couldn't . faced the guard and then was told to turn around and bend over.

They ordered them to bend over and cough as the guards examined their body cavities with flashlights. If they were menstruating, the women.