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Complaints about some of the Manchester Museum's Egyptian mummies have caused the institution to put them temporarily under wraps.

One exhibit, the mummified remains of Asru, a chantress at the Temple of Amun in Karnak, has been seen unwrapped for years.​ Critics have branded the decision 'politically correct rubbish' that will make the museum a 'laughing stock'.​ The museum's collections of ancient Egyptian.

The urge to undress a mummy can be strong.​ The star of the show is undoubtedly Tamut, a priestess and temple singer who died in Luxor, Egypt around BC.​ The CT scans have allowed researchers to make a lot of new discoveries about Tamut.​ Antoine's team could also see the amulets.

They have been on display for more than years and have bewitched and enchanted those that have seen them.