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What does Judas Priest's song Turbo Lover mean? Turbo Lover Lyrics in many ways but the way I see it is about bikers may it be gay or straght having sex.

Rob Halford reveals the meaning behind lyrics to 's Judas Priest song Before the Dawn . egomann: So what does "Turbo Lover" mean? The only Judas Priest song that isn't about gay sex is the Green Manilishi.

"Turbo Lover" as written by and Glenn Raymond/halford Tipton. be about shooting up. it fits in but, i can see it being about gay love too!!!!!! what do you think?

A man that can please a woman for 5 seconds. My man is a Turbo Lover. by dietcoke December 12, Get the mug. Get a turbo lover mug for your mate.